PLATO - #Tablemakers ™

1 Place your devices

Gather as many power-strips as you think you'll need and one extension cord. Place your devices and make the power cords go through the holes. Let them hang on the floor.

2 Connect

Connect all the plugs to the multi socket. If your table include plugs, don't forget to connect that cable too. Connect the multi-socket to one another and one to the extension cord.

3 Slide the baskets

Place the baskets sideways. They can slide between the two wooden parts below the table. As you're moving to the center of the table, place the cords and the sockets inside them.

4 Finalize

Pick the leg where you'll make the cord go through. Pull the metallic bonnet to remove it, place the cord and put it back in place. Place the trapdoor covers and let only the cords you need go out the table. You're all set! Time to work ;)