PLATO - #Tablemakers ™

Productivity machine

The high table by PLATO is a great way to make your meetings more efficient. Keeping people stand up avoid people to get lazy in their chair and keeps everyone's attention. You can decide to put high stools around or leave it naked.

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Minimal and efficient

This version is 200cm long and 110 cm wide. You can put up to eight people standing up around or six, if they want to be seated. The height is 107cm. It can be configured on our website with plugs and cable management.

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Made for you only

Each PLATO table can be made to measure on our online configuration tool. Easily set the dimensions your need and your options online. Get a quote straight in your mailbox.

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We are Family

Plato tables fit great together. Furnish your workspace with different models for an efficient look and usability.

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Smart details. Upgraded routine.

Easily connect your devices right into the table or arrange the messy cables in the dedicated baskets. Plato tables are designed to enhance your experience, daily !